Having Fun with Challengers

Challengers Casual Games Club is a forum where we share the fun of playing games together. Participate in Challenges with other gamers to determine who has the fastest times, most points, all achievements, etc. Most Challenges are competitive in nature, but there are also those you can play at your own pace whenever you find time. And we always share the joy of an achievement!

Challengers covers a range of games - mainly Time Management games as these games are most suited for Challenges – but there are also Challenges in Match 3, Hidden Objects, Simulation, Adventure games (Challengers has a large Nancy Drew section) and even Role Playing games.

The Challenges revolve around a Leader Board system - members earn points on games played and their achievements.

Challengers helps keep your games fresh and fun - whether you are joining or just observing - and keep you in training for when the next sequel of your favorite game appears.

At Challengers we also discuss games, write reviews, and share tips and tricks.
Game Strategy Wizards has a corner there, where we share our idea and thoughts - and get input from other members. You are welcome to ask questions - about us, guides, or games!
Meet us there or join the challenges - and challenge us!