For Developers

We develop high quality in-game strategy guides in English. If we are involved in the testing of the game, we also can provide feed-back on both game play and language (localization).
We specialize in developing guides for complex games that are not typically supported by Guides, such as Strategy, Time Management, or Simulation games. By adding a comprehensive Guide, we can help to make your game appeal to a broader audience.
The in-game strategy guides are designed for the specific game and consist of the customized content appropriate for that game. This will typically be text, pictures, and in some cases videos, quick reference guides, etc. 
We are quite comfortable working with Developers and Publishers to identify and correct technical problems that might interfere with their customers' game playing experience.
Adding an in-game guide provides additional support to the casual game customer, and is often expected for "Collector's Editions".

Please contact us to learn more.