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"Island Tribe 3" by Realore Studios (2011)

With this project we wanted to further explore how to present easy-to-use steps for a Time/Resource Management game with very high level of complexity.
Island Tribe 3 operates with a much broader set of resources and obstacles than Royal Envoy 2, several of which are chained (the Cow Farm requires Grain and Water; the Grain Farm requires Water, etc.) 
We were charmed by the graphics and environment, and the way this was part of the game play.  The game is very cute and funny, making it attractive to a wide variety of age groups and skill levels.
Island Tribe 3 has four modes: Untimed, Easy, Normal, and Hard. However, during testing of the guide it became clear that the difficulty level of Normal mode did not really require a guide except for beginners (who would choose Easy mode).
Hard mode requires not just the right strategy, but also that it is executed precisely and correctly, and that the random events (lightning resulting in fire and broken buildings) fall into the sequence that you are prepared for. Providing a guide for this would be very extensive, if not impossible, and the test clearly showed that no gamers were interested in reading through such detailed steps. The videos were supportive, but since the random events could not be known, the videos did not really provide value in this instance. Finally, it turned out that even experienced gamers found Hard mode extremely hard, and would prefer only to play in Normal mode.
So, no need for a guide in Easy and Normal mode—and Hard mode being only interesting for the few—we terminated the work.

Still, the guide illustrates how pictures, steps, and video provide a clear picture of the right strategy for complex games.

Also the testing showed that multiple modes provide replayability, configuration of modes is key to players actually re-playing the game.

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