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New Guide Released: Vampires vs Zombies

Vampires vs Zombies
Get Golds on all 75 Levels!
Vampire vs Zombies is a Time Management - Strategy game from Alawar Five-BN in the style of Farm Frenzy or Youda Survivor. The Vampires are the not so evil guys trying the save the world from being taken over by Zombies ruled by an evil dictator.
You collect resources, build machines to create refined goods, sell them, and whack Zombies. It is a standard formula made fun by the bizarre theme.
The game has some very tough limits for earning gold on each level, so we thought that a guide would be appreciated. For many levels there is a "trick" or an "Aha!" moment, so we are adding Tips section at the beginning of each level.
Shila, February 12, 2012