Our Idea

We want to expand the concept of “strategy guides”, continuously exploring new ways of assisting the gamer without impairing the gameplay or the experience of the game.

This means that we try to expand on the traditional walkthrough, offering more choice and more options. This also means that we develop guides for games not traditionally supported by strategy guides, eg. Time management, Strategy games, and Simulation games.

We try to offer new approaches by exploring media, structures, and visual aids to present an easy accessible solution to the challenge the gamers is facing.

We try to provide a differentiated approach: the experienced gamer might just want a tip – the beginner a step by step walkthrough. Some gamers need to understand the background and story – others just wants to move on!

We strongly believe that the key to a good strategy guide always is clear steps that can be read and easily followed by all gamers.

We provide in-game guides for developers to incorporate into games providing clear and concise text, and/or pictures/video for the developer to incorporate into the game. The guides are delivered in English.

We publicly offer the use of our guides to gamers; supporting the game, and helping the gamers. Any site or portal is free to refer to our guides as long as the copyright and trademarks of all concerned parties are respected.

We appreciate any feed-back and comments on our guides, especially since this is where we experiment with new ways of presenting content and exploring new media and ideas.